A Day in December

We were out in Howth, Co Dublin for a walk/lunch at the start of December and I took this photo of the moon.

It was FREEZING cold that day, brrrr…


Howth - Moon at 3pm

Howth – Shadows

To Wee or Not to Wee?

I was browsing my favourite beauty blog( www.beaut.ie) and almost spat my tea over my screen when I saw this poll;


Apparently Brazilians are being asked to wee in the shower rather than use and flush their loo (obviously while they’re already in there, not bounding in on one of their relatives and weeing all over ’em) to conserve water…

Would ya?

Do you already on the sly?

Let em know!! (They assure us all replies are anonymous!)




After 10 years away,  I’ve moved back to Dublin, Ireland.

I was living in the country-side, which had it’s good points, however my family were still down in Dublin and I had never quite managed to shake the feeling of home-sickness that being 4 hours away gave me.

Every family death, emergency or occassion, there I was, hours away in the middle of nowhere with very little by way of public transport (I’ve never managed to learn to drive).

Plus, it was a little dull. 😉

Though there was a time that I believed I’d be there forever, circumstances changed and I decided to make the move back to Dublin.

Yes, it’s expensive down here, yes, it’s crowded and noisy at times, but I’m really enjoy it and wanted to share some of my experiences – new places, restaurants, experiences…

I wonder if anyone will read this….


Tree of Gold, Central Bank, Dame St.

By the way, all the photos I put up here have been taken myself, so no robbing, please.

All views are my own etc…

Anything I reference will have credits where necessary.

Thanks v much


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