Up and running again

Don’t lie, this is the hottest xray you’ve ever seen and you know it!

(I think my earring gives a pirate-vibe to it!)

So, that’s what the fuss was all about, those two teeth with the x’s over them.

Now they’re gone and I have to say I’m glad, although it was a harder process than I had imagined!!

Recovery was swift once it got going, no dry sockets (which sounds like a pirate name, but is apparently a world of pain for the poor unfortunates who experience it) or infections or anything nasty, just some pain and a whole lot of swelling that left me almost unrecognisable for a few days, but thankfully, once that died down it took a lot of the pain and discomfort with it.

I was paranoid about getting addicted to my painkillers too, but thankfully after about 4 days I was back to paracetemol, so no issues there.

Thanks for the good wishes, it was really sweet.



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