Irvine Welsh in conversation with Olaf Tyaransen

I decided last-minute to head to the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire last night to see Olaf Tyaransen interview Irvine Welsh as part of his book tour for Skagboys, a prequel to Trainspotting.

I was slightly concerned about getting back-row seats (availability was very limited by the time I got round to booking), but I was relieved when I got there… The stage is at ground level and the seats are tiered, so we had a great view and the sound was perfect.

Just after 8pm Olaf came onstage and briefly introduced Irvine, at one point describing Trainspotting as the literary equivalent of Nevermind the Bollocks, which I thought was very apt.

When Irvine came on he read a few pages from the book, delighting in the sound-effects he delivered and clearly enjoying the laughter and the “ewwww”s of the audience.

Olaf’s interview was funny and interesting and Irvine was lively and good-humoured (possibly as he had just gotten to no 1 on the UK Bestseller list!!).

The floor was open to questions at the end, where Irvine answered questions about Scottish independence, book reviews, football anthems and his writing approach.

After the interview, Irvine was in the lobby to sign copies of Skagboys (and other books that people had taken with them) and pose for photos.

We  had a top-notch night, the theatre itself was lovely, Olaf was an engaging and entertaining MC/Interviewer and Irvine himself was in great form – funny, chatty and informative.

Not too shabby for Hazel on a Tuesday night!



Autographed book


Punk Economics – Grand Canal Dock

I was down by the Grand Canal dock yesterday evening and the street art/graffiti in that area is something to behold!

If you pass the old site of the U2 studios, the walls are a shrine to Bono, d’Edge, Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton.

These particular images caught my eye down there.

Oh, and the lights outside the theatre later that night.

I definitely want to head back over there next sunny day and have a good long walk around.