What you can miss….

So I had a half day (to accommodate a meeting that went very well, yipee!) and was strolling back home when I passed a little blur of colour on the ground which made me stop and back-track (I think the people waiting at the bus stop thought I was mental, especially when I hunkered down for a closer look… and a photo!)

I’m not sure how clear this is from the picture, but there was a hole at the bottom of a wall which has been plugged by Lego pieces… I don’t know who did this or why, but it’s seriously cute!

Wellington Quay, if any of you are passing by.

Isn’t it amazing what we spot occassionally, when we normally pass by preoccupied or looking at our phones etc… ?





My To Do List


I have a terrible habit of getting stuck in a rut (my current rut involves Accents Coffee Shop, St Stephen’s Green, Crackbird, Stir Crazy Noodles, Merrion Square Park) so having been back in Dublin for over a year now, I am still on a mission to see and do more in the city.

So, here is my to-do list…

1 – Take a bus tour around the city – This sounds hugely touristy, but I’m sure there’s a lot I don’t know about some of the landmarks in the city.

2 – Go to the Little Museum of Dublin – I’ve seen some reviews of this place and it sounds cool, kind of a quirky view of Dublin. They’ve just introduced a U2 photo exhibition, so I think it’d be worthwhile to see. It’s a fiver in (free if you’re unwaged), so why not? It’s up on St Stephen’s Green, so could be part of a lovely afternoon out.

3 – See the mummies at St Michan’s Church. I live so close to this place that’s it’s ridiculous that I’ve not visited yet. They’re open Monday to Saturday, so I need to get on it. Creeeepy.

4 – In a similar vein, I REALLY want to do the Northside Ghost Tour. Again, so close to chez-moi and creepy and spooky. The Hellfire Club Excursion sounds class too.

5 – Try the Dublin Bikes Scheme – Since my own bike, Maud got stolen by some little scobie feckers last year (I’m fine about it now, *sob*), I’ve missed our Sunday morning cycles around Phoenix Park, so I’m considering buying a three day pass/tickety thing for the Dublin Bike Scheme to give it a try out. They look pretty heavy and could be hard to manoeuvre, but for e2 for three days, sure I’d almost be making money! 😉

So, that’s my to-do list for the moment (I always add stuff!)… is there anything else you’d recommend?
Or anything on my list that you’d like to try out too?
Do tell.

PS – hot chocolate in Accents – PHWOOOOAR!!

Accents Hot Chocolate

Iveagh Gardens

Just wanted to add a couple of photos from today of my walk in the Iveagh Gardens, Clonmel St, Dublin 2.

I love this park, just carry on 5 minutes beyond St Stephen’s Green (which is in itself beautiful, if a bit busy on sunny days) and you find this smaller, quieter park, full of charm, trees, statues… and a maze! And devoid of skangers, scobies and the like.

I didn’t go around the maze today because a young couple were making out on a bench beside it, and I didn’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable!

There is a beautiful rose garden here too, not in bloom yet, but stunning when it is.

Anyone who says that Dublin is all noise and crowds and traffic should stop by here on a fine day with a cup of tea/coffee and a magazine, it’s like it’s own little world, right in the city centre.

Definitely my favourite outdoor area in Dublin (so far).