Iveagh Gardens

Just wanted to add a couple of photos from today of my walk in the Iveagh Gardens, Clonmel St, Dublin 2.

I love this park, just carry on 5 minutes beyond St Stephen’s Green (which is in itself beautiful, if a bit busy on sunny days) and you find this smaller, quieter park, full of charm, trees, statues… and a maze! And devoid of skangers, scobies and the like.

I didn’t go around the maze today because a young couple were making out on a bench beside it, and I didn’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable!

There is a beautiful rose garden here too, not in bloom yet, but stunning when it is.

Anyone who says that Dublin is all noise and crowds and traffic should stop by here on a fine day with a cup of tea/coffee and a magazine, it’s like it’s own little world, right in the city centre.

Definitely my favourite outdoor area in Dublin (so far).



12 thoughts on “Iveagh Gardens

  1. I love the Iveagh Gardens and you just reminded me of how much! Had planned my wedding photos for Stephens Green but this could be a fabulous alternative!
    *gets thinking cap on*

    • Aaah, that’s a great idea!
      I actually said to my fella when we were there that if I ever get married, I’d love to have my photos done in there, in the rose garden and in the mini-maze, there’s a sun-dial clock in the middle of the maze that would be such a lovely symbol on a wedding day.
      Plus it won’t be as busy as Stephen’s Green.

      • I haven’t been there in ages, must take a trip soon to scope out all the lovely photo spots! You’re so right about it being less busy too.

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