My To Do List


I have a terrible habit of getting stuck in a rut (my current rut involves Accents Coffee Shop, St Stephen’s Green, Crackbird, Stir Crazy Noodles, Merrion Square Park) so having been back in Dublin for over a year now, I am still on a mission to see and do more in the city.

So, here is my to-do list…

1 – Take a bus tour around the city – This sounds hugely touristy, but I’m sure there’s a lot I don’t know about some of the landmarks in the city.

2 – Go to the Little Museum of Dublin – I’ve seen some reviews of this place and it sounds cool, kind of a quirky view of Dublin. They’ve just introduced a U2 photo exhibition, so I think it’d be worthwhile to see. It’s a fiver in (free if you’re unwaged), so why not? It’s up on St Stephen’s Green, so could be part of a lovely afternoon out.

3 – See the mummies at St Michan’s Church. I live so close to this place that’s it’s ridiculous that I’ve not visited yet. They’re open Monday to Saturday, so I need to get on it. Creeeepy.

4 – In a similar vein, I REALLY want to do the Northside Ghost Tour. Again, so close to chez-moi and creepy and spooky. The Hellfire Club Excursion sounds class too.

5 – Try the Dublin Bikes Scheme – Since my own bike, Maud got stolen by some little scobie feckers last year (I’m fine about it now, *sob*), I’ve missed our Sunday morning cycles around Phoenix Park, so I’m considering buying a three day pass/tickety thing for the Dublin Bike Scheme to give it a try out. They look pretty heavy and could be hard to manoeuvre, but for e2 for three days, sure I’d almost be making money! 😉

So, that’s my to-do list for the moment (I always add stuff!)… is there anything else you’d recommend?
Or anything on my list that you’d like to try out too?
Do tell.

PS – hot chocolate in Accents – PHWOOOOAR!!

Accents Hot Chocolate


8 thoughts on “My To Do List

  1. Wow, that hot chocolate looks amazing – I don’t blame you for falling into a rut if that rut involves hot chocolate like that!. Now that its wintery here I’ve become obsessed with hot chocolate too…. I’m moving cities in a year with the boyfriend, and we decided to do some touristy things around the city we live in now before we move! Always so much you don’t see day to day.

    • It’s true, when you’re a tourist elsewhere you do all the touristy stuff that you don’t bother when you’re at home and you end up taking lots for granted.
      That’s cool that you’re making the most of your city while you’re still there… Are you moving far?

  2. I thought the little museum was gone because it looks like it’s out of action. must pop along sometime soon. PS Accents is Awesome.

  3. That’s a great to do list! Mine is similar in that I really want to go on the viking bus tour and the ghost tour. We did Kilmainham and Dublin Castle about 2 years ago as the start of our “doing dublin touristy things” but haven’t gotten around to anything else! I love all the galleries but haven’t been to the one on Stephen’s Green, so I must check it out! You’re full of great tips! I actually saw a thing on city deal for La Peniche (the barge on the canal), I’ve wanted to do that for a while so may purchase that and I just got another citydeal for a boat trip around Howth! Obviously I’m really hoping for good weather! Lastly (apologies for taking up so much space!) my future father in law does this literary pub crawl around dublin with his friends which I would love to do! Each person picks a poet or a writer and reads a piece of their work in a pub commonly associated with them..mostly an excuse to get locked but sounds like fun!

    • Hahaha, sounds like you’re into boats! 😀
      The boat around Howth sounds good, you’d get some great photos out there.
      I’ve heard of the Literary Pub Crawl, it sounds like great craic, but I’d probably end up having to go home after two pubs!
      How are wedding plans going? All go go go??

    • Oh, we actually did the Ghost Tour last year (it was our first date down here!) and it was almight craic.
      Recommend doing it in the winter so it’s good and dark while you’re out… I’d actually love to do it again around Hallowe’en for the extra spookiness.

      • Oh good idea, I may wait til then so! Wedding plans go well, we just got our rings so just himself’s suit left to get and that’s pretty much it I think! Less than 3 months now! Eeep!x

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