Dublin Street Art – Traffic Light Boxes

A couple of months ago, I started seeing little notices on those traffic light boxes offering the chance for artists to apply to decorate them..

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve started to notice a few already completed and out today for a walk, I snapped a photo of a few that caught my eye.

I spotted this one near the Four Courts, I think she’s a mermaid.  I love her red hair 🙂


This one was  a little further up towards Jervis St, I love the retro game vibe


And this was my favourite, at the top of Capel St near the bridge, they painted on books, and left some of them blank so that the public could add their own titles!

I thought this was so clever and imaginative.




Kama Sutra

Capel St

There are more throughout the city, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them this weekend when I’m out and about.

Have you spotted any? What do you think? Aren’t they cute?



8 thoughts on “Dublin Street Art – Traffic Light Boxes

  1. I love this idea, such a good way of using those kinda ugly looking boxes and giving artists a space to show off their talent 🙂

    Loving the colour of the mermaid’s hair too.

    That bookcase is brilliant and I love that they left space for people to add their own book title. Brilliant!

    Maybe it’s just me but seeing things like this reminds me of just how great a place Dublin is 🙂

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