Things have been fairly quiet, photo-wise lately…

I went to see the Foo Fighters in Belfast as part of the Tennant’s Vital festival, my boyfriend and I are both big fans of theirs so we snapped up tickets a few months ago.

We had a ball, even though we were LASHED on going into the park. Soaked.

Epic fail on the photo front too, every time I tried to take a picture of the stage, the lights all went up, so I got nothin’!

Still,  we had a blast, they played a brilliant set.

David Grohl eldest daughter Violet came onstage to watch and he sang a song to her during the encore, very sweet altogether.

Other than that….. ooh, the tall ships were in Dublin this weekend past, on Friday night we headed out for a wander to see what has happening and strolled about the docklands… and onto a boat! We boarded the Cuauhtemoc, the Mexican ship.

I wanted to either stow away (free trip to Mexico, anyone?) or get my pirate on and steal the ship, but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me (buzzkill)… again with the photo-fail because my phone battery died just before we boarded. Sigh.

Apart from that, I’ve been trying to avoid the biblical rain-showers and admiring the sky at dusk, which sounds a bit drippy, but it’s true, I live kind of high up and the view of the sky is stunning some nights.

And then it stays really warm and I can’t sleep and the magic fades somewhat. Grrrr.



4 thoughts on “Lately

    • The Tall Ships were really cool, shame you didn’t get in.
      The Foo Fighters were brill. I had seen them at Oxegen/Witnness many many years ago and wasn’t really that pushed about them, I remember them being really dull!! (?)
      But I got more into their music after that and watched their Live At Wembley dvd last year, so was determined to see them this time and get what the fuss was about.
      It was almight craic, one of the best gigs I’ve been to. :)x

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