I’m With The Band…

I keep meaning to mention this – I’m kind of in a band.

My boyfriend Barry started writing and recording music a few years ago now (folksy, acousticy stuff). Back then it was just a hobby for himself, however last year he decided to record an album and release it.

With that in mind, he’s been writing, re-writing, recording, re-recording (you get the drift) over the past year.

When Barry decided he’d like a girl’s voice on one of his tracks, he asked me to give it a go. So I did what any professional singer would do… I made him hit Record and leave the room while I “oohed” and “aaahed” and sang into the mic. Scarlet!

Then in June, we went into the Elektra Studio in Temple Bar to start the mixing process with Ola, one of the engineers there (really really nice fella, great fun to work with).

Anyway, one thing has lead to another and now we’re rehearsing together for some live shows. I play the cajon and shaker and “ooh” and “aah” in the right places (sometimes)… I’m still only learning!

We’ll be aiming to play as many of the open mic nights around the city as we can, then we’ll be back into the studio to finish our mixing and get the songs mastered and released!

It’s all such a steep learning experience, but we’re getting there.

It’s good fun, though in a million years I never thought I’d be someone’s backing singer!!

When we get more mixes done, I’ll put up a link to his Soundcloud page and give you a listen, see what you think!!

I take some photos of Barry for his Facebook page and album artwork, but here’s a test shot he did of me one day, he was just checking the light, and my eyes are closed! I don’t have any of the two of us together… I’ll update once I do!



Edit – adding a picture from our first gig in Accents, Dublin:

Photo thanks to Picture This! Dublin.



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