She’s losing it!

Literally and figuratively, I am losing it… #yesitsanotherweightlosspost

I just finished a 6 week programme run by my friend Claire at Volta Fitness, a recently qualified Fitness Instructor and Sports Nutritionist.

Claire started Volta Fitness last year (sadly hanging up her boots on the wonderful Music&Everything blog) and I have followed her avidly with some pride, I must say.

Having followed Claire’s programme (where she looked through my goals, motivation and circumstances and created a plan for me, reinforced with Facebook support), I have managed to lose 11lbs so far*. Delighted with life, so I am.

I can’t speak to the science of the whole affair, but it appears that re-thinking my eating habits, cutting way back on white carby food, upping my protein intake and lobbing in some exercise does a body good. My body anyway.

*I say “so far” because I have no intentions of stopping. Claire’s plan was so easy to implement and follow. There are no faddy Points/Syns/Yums etc to count, no calorie/macro formula to crack, just sensible guidelines and a kick up the hole to move more.

Claire can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as her Blog.

11 lbs lost

True that 🙂


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