Viva Las Vegas, baby


My lovely husband (eek!) and I went on honeymoon to Las Vegas at the start of November and it was the trip of a lifetime.


Elvis, baby!










Totally worth the long-ass flight and all the hassle that air travel entails, Vegas is a kooky, wired and weird experience.

Even though our body-clocks never quite settled on a time zone (we settled somewhere between Dublin and Vegas time), waking up at 5am/1pm and going to bed at around 10pm/8am, it really didn’t matter. Forget New York, Vegas is the city that never sleeps, man. 🙂

I hate to play favourites, but the highlights of the trip for me were visiting the Neon Museum and taking a day to explore the Downtown area.

  • “Vegas Vic”
  • Hunter S Thompson street art
  • Downtown Las Vegas sign

Now, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but here are a few photos of our trip, nothing incriminating, sorry!


  • New York New York, with the roller-coaster outside
  • Barry and I posing in the uber fancy Bellagio lobby
  • Just chilling with my zombies at the Zombie Apocalypse store
  • A view from the top of the “Eiffel Tower” of the strip, phone quality, soz.
  • One of the amazing neon signs from our tour of the Neon Museum, definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Have you been to Vegas? Are you planning a trip? Will you bring me back???



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