Christmas Wants

I don’t know about you,  but when someone puts me on the spot to make a decision as huge as “What do you want for Christmas?” I freeze. Ironically, I literally spend hours and hours of my life trawling through Instagram, Asos, Amazon… drooling over items that would complete my life, if only it weren’t mid-month and I weren’t so broke… Yet when I’m offered, I clam up.

I don't know

What do I want for Christmas??

Call this a pre-emptive strike, if you will, or else take it as an ideas guide for yourselves, I won’t tell…

1. Tropical Popical voucher:

I’m starting big! This nail salon on South William St is a dream for manicure lovers and David Gandy lovers alike. Glitzy and kitsch, I adore this salon and don’t visit here half often enough, the staff are sweet and SO talented and I’ve never seen anyone coming away with less than amaazing nails.

I got my wedding manicure done here and I adored it, it was Gelish and it lasted a good month before I had to tearfully say goodbye.


My wedding nails, Tropical Popical

A €25.00 voucher from Tropical Popical would go a long way to curing my Jannui*, that’s for sure. Available on their site

*Jannui is a thing:

2 Peter Marks/Style Club voucher:

Some people say that vouchers seem impersonal or boring, but with a voucher for Peter Marks, I could high-tail it over to The Style Club on North Earl St and have a go in their relaxy chairs while treating myself to a nice hair-treatment with which I could swish into the New Year. Not too shabby for Hazel!

3 CVD Beanie Hat

I follow Custom Vintage Dublin on Instagram and they give me serious insta-wants.

Their bobble hats seem to sell out quickly, and I have no problem imagining why…

(ps, their sunglasses are bleedin’ gorgeous too!!)

CVD Beanie

Photo: Custom Vintage Dublin – Instagram

Check ’em out online –

4 IFI Membership:

There is little else I enjoy more during the winter months than popping into the IFI and settling in with a cuppa tea and a cookie to watch a movie or documentary.

I don’t go often enough, but with a €25.00 membership which includes free tickets, discounts at the IFI shop and café… I would definitely be motivated to indulge my culture vulture side more frequently 🙂

5 Magazine Subscription:

I *do* love a good browse of the magazine stands, but I often come away empty handed due to my aforementioned brokeness or else a security guard scorps at me and I get paranoid and leave the shop. HOWEVER, if I woke up on Christmas morning to a gift-wrapped magazine with a card telling me I’ve been gifted a 6 month/12 month subscription, I would be really chuffed.

Stellar Magazine is definitely one of my favourites and you can get a 12 month subscription for €23.00 over on their site. They often throw in gifts for subscribers too. Belter!!

So… 5 nice ideas for the upcoming festive season that won’t break the bank, don’t you think? What’s on your list? Are you adding any of the above? And most importantly, what are you buying me??



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