Dublin Street Art – Traffic Light Boxes

A couple of months ago, I started seeing little notices on those traffic light boxes offering the chance for artists to apply to decorate them..

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve started to notice a few already completed and out today for a walk, I snapped a photo of a few that caught my eye.

I spotted this one near the Four Courts, I think she’s a mermaid.  I love her red hair 🙂


This one was  a little further up towards Jervis St, I love the retro game vibe


And this was my favourite, at the top of Capel St near the bridge, they painted on books, and left some of them blank so that the public could add their own titles!

I thought this was so clever and imaginative.




Kama Sutra

Capel St

There are more throughout the city, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them this weekend when I’m out and about.

Have you spotted any? What do you think? Aren’t they cute?



What I’ve Been Up To…


It’s been a while since my last post, so I wanted to re-group and catch up.

Major events have been few and far between lately, however here are the highlights:

I went to see Iron Sky at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, it was an EPIC film about Space Nazis who have colonised “ze Darkside of ze moooon”. How could you not love that? If it’s still showing, I definitely recommend it.

I got Tweetseats in Crackbird on Friday, which meant I tweeted them with the date, time and how many people I wanted seats for, they replied that I got them and I ate for free! We each got a main meal (half soy/garlic chicken, mmmmmm), a side order and a sauce between us. All we paid for were our drinks. Can’t argue with that at all.

I won tickets to see Rattle and Hum in the Lighthouse courtesy of www.entertainment.ie (Twitter competition) and went along last night. It was deadly. It’s a kind-of documentary of U2’s Rattle and Hum album (although there isn’t actually much chat with the band themselves, it’s mainly rehearsals and concert footage).

I double-dog dare you to go along and try NOT sing along to Desire, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Angel of Harlem and their other tunes. I had forgotten how much I really like that album and have dug it out today. (I’ve been singing All I Want is You all day).

I also did the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon on June 4th!! Yes, I, who hardly walks the length of herself. I can now say I have participated in and completed a Mini Marathon.

This was a big achievement for me, I was really happy after doing it. There was apparently some controversy on the day, but there was a great atmosphere in general with bands playing at various intervals along the way and a good attitude all around.

Linda Byrne took the gold and came in at 33 mins and 30 seconds.

I, eh, romped home at 2hrs and 3 minutes, but still finished in the medals 😀

Plus, I raised e140 for http://www.threshold.ie. They help prevent homelessness and also provide an invaluable service with regards to tennants’ rights. If you’ve any problem with crappy landlords etc, I would strongly recommend you talk to these guys. They helped a friend of mine out with some tennancy issues a few months ago and they were wonderful.


So, what have you been up to? Anyone gone on holidays or anything lately?

Do tell.


What you can miss….

So I had a half day (to accommodate a meeting that went very well, yipee!) and was strolling back home when I passed a little blur of colour on the ground which made me stop and back-track (I think the people waiting at the bus stop thought I was mental, especially when I hunkered down for a closer look… and a photo!)

I’m not sure how clear this is from the picture, but there was a hole at the bottom of a wall which has been plugged by Lego pieces… I don’t know who did this or why, but it’s seriously cute!

Wellington Quay, if any of you are passing by.

Isn’t it amazing what we spot occassionally, when we normally pass by preoccupied or looking at our phones etc… ?




Iveagh Gardens

Just wanted to add a couple of photos from today of my walk in the Iveagh Gardens, Clonmel St, Dublin 2.

I love this park, just carry on 5 minutes beyond St Stephen’s Green (which is in itself beautiful, if a bit busy on sunny days) and you find this smaller, quieter park, full of charm, trees, statues… and a maze! And devoid of skangers, scobies and the like.

I didn’t go around the maze today because a young couple were making out on a bench beside it, and I didn’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable!

There is a beautiful rose garden here too, not in bloom yet, but stunning when it is.

Anyone who says that Dublin is all noise and crowds and traffic should stop by here on a fine day with a cup of tea/coffee and a magazine, it’s like it’s own little world, right in the city centre.

Definitely my favourite outdoor area in Dublin (so far).


Punk Economics – Grand Canal Dock

I was down by the Grand Canal dock yesterday evening and the street art/graffiti in that area is something to behold!

If you pass the old site of the U2 studios, the walls are a shrine to Bono, d’Edge, Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton.

These particular images caught my eye down there.

Oh, and the lights outside the theatre later that night.

I definitely want to head back over there next sunny day and have a good long walk around.