Brooklyn, book review

You can’t swing a dick without reading heaped praise for Colm Tóibín’s novel Brooklyn and the film adaptation, so I settled in for a tale of immigration, alienation and love in 1950’s America …


Beginning in 1950’s Ireland, the novel follows the blah and spineless Eilis through her voyage to the United States (her mother and glamorous older sister decided she must go to America, so, eh she does…), where she is handed a job, enrolled in evening classes, set up with lodging at a boarding house, meets and is courted by an Italian American man, etc.

Sweet, huh? Does she appreciate or make the most of these amazing opportunities? Nope.

A passenger in her own life, Eilis doesn’t really make any decisions on her own until the end of the novel, and even that was basically for lack of viable alternatives.

I could not get passed the desire to shake Eilis to wake her up, she was so one-dimensional and passive throughout the whole story.

We are teased with potentially tantalizing characters and plot threads:

  • A priest manages to secure her a passage, work status and job but how? And, more importantly… why?!
  • A brilliant professor who is possibly a Holocaust survivor
  • Her unpleasant landlady and her bitchy former boss
  • An Italian boyfriend who looks suspiciously unlike the rest of his family

Sadly, these aren’t fleshed out into anything that would risk doing more than pique your interest… and then disappoint.

The “twist” arrives at the end of the novel when Eilis realizes she has a huge choice to make: a proper “head or heart” dilemma which could see her return permanently to her parish in Ireland OR committing to a lifetime in America… sadly, it all comes too late for me to give a shite about a character I longed to throttle for 270-odd pages.

Don’t believe the hype, lads. I’ve been told that it works better as a film, but I won’t be beating a path to the cinema to see this.


YouTube Sensation!

Ten hits on youtube counts as “going viral”, right??

Ok, maybe not quite…

I’m excited and delighted to tell you that Barry’s single “When The Sky Turns Black” is now on pre-sale at so if you’ve got a spare e1.50 lying in your bank account, it’d be well spent there 🙂

The official release date is December 24th, but we wanted to share our youtube video!

We filmed this in Blessington, Co. Wicklow and it was FREEZING, but we had good fun, it was just the two of us, a camera on a tripod and some nosey swans.

As Barry is the star of the show, I was behind the camera most of the time and I must say, I really enjoyed yelling “CUT!!” at the end of each take.

Yes, I am a child.

Here is a still from the video that I took while Barry was crooning away…

Still shot

And here’s the link to the actual video (which includes me!), I hope you like it, I’d love to hear what you think!


St Patrick’s Weekend

Oh, I do love a long weekend!

March 17th was St Patrick’s day and I had a lovely weekend wandering around the city enjoying the sites and the live music on the streets and the atmosphere in general.

Went to the Presidents of the United States of America play in Vicar St on Saturday night too, brilliant gig, they put on a great show and drank (in one go!) three pints of Guinness on stage.

Lots of strange sights and sounds around, my favourite being the old buildings that were lit up green for the weekend, they looked stunning!

So, a belated Happy St Patrick’s Day to you, where-ever you are!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig


Wicklow Mountains

We went for a drive around the Wicklow Mountains last Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and the snow on the mountains looked like icing sugar had been dusted over them.

We drove up to Turlough Hill, which is actually an ESB power plant, built in the 60’s these photos don’t do it justice (it was very cold!!) ,but it’s very sci-fi/James Bond.




After 10 years away,  I’ve moved back to Dublin, Ireland.

I was living in the country-side, which had it’s good points, however my family were still down in Dublin and I had never quite managed to shake the feeling of home-sickness that being 4 hours away gave me.

Every family death, emergency or occassion, there I was, hours away in the middle of nowhere with very little by way of public transport (I’ve never managed to learn to drive).

Plus, it was a little dull. 😉

Though there was a time that I believed I’d be there forever, circumstances changed and I decided to make the move back to Dublin.

Yes, it’s expensive down here, yes, it’s crowded and noisy at times, but I’m really enjoy it and wanted to share some of my experiences – new places, restaurants, experiences…

I wonder if anyone will read this….


Tree of Gold, Central Bank, Dame St.

By the way, all the photos I put up here have been taken myself, so no robbing, please.

All views are my own etc…

Anything I reference will have credits where necessary.

Thanks v much


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